Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hollywood Studios....on day 2

Wow, we had a fun time at Hollywood Studios....We saw 3 shows; The Little Mermaid, Disney Jr., and Beauty and the Beast.  Avery and Kyndall liked The Little Mermaid the best, but I LOVED Beauty and the Beast!!!  Take a look at our pics for more of what we did there!!!

As we walked in, Kyndall ran to the deer for a pic!  Ha!

 Cute pic of Kyndall and Daddy watching Disney Jr. program:
 How fun was Disney Jr...here is the Jake and the Neverland Pirates part....gold dablooms came falling from the sky all over us when this part ended!!  Too fun!
 This was the girls' favorite one...it was too dark to take pics in the show...and we couldn't use flashes:(
 Kyndall, Avery, Jim and I were watching this lady chocolate coat all the candy from outside, she waved us in and let Avery and Kyndall make their own Chocolate covered Strawberries!!  How sweet huh!!

 Beauty and the Beast.  What a great performance!!  I loved that it was free but felt like a real play...2 thumbs up!!!
 Ha!  Avery and I were in awe!!!
 Finally, we got our custom ears!  There were a lot to choose from, so it took awhile to pick the perfect ones out....I thought the girls picked great!!!
 Oh yea, we even got them personalized!!
 Kyndall loved hers too:
 She picked silver for her name on the back:)
We had a long, fun day at Hollywood Studios!!

We went home, and Jim took the girls for a swim while I napped with our youngest:)  We were exhausted!!

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Johanson Family said...

Love the pictures!! I think these will make a great new edition of your next blog book!!! :)