Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Kyndall Ann Kelly!

What an amazing little girl turned 4 today!!! She is such a blessing in our lives. How can I even start to describe what a beautiful, sweet, funny, and loving girl she is becoming. My favorite thing about Kyndall is how loving and sweet she is to her family. She loves Avery with all her heart and Avery feels the same way. She is the best big sister in the world!! She loves her friends, Jesus and just enjoys life.
This past year, right after she turned 3 she took Ballet and she was Great at it! She enjoyed learning about Jesus in Bible Study Fellowship and met a couple of new friends. She went to her first Graduation for her cousin Sophie (who she LOVES). She also got to go to Bits and Gram's house over night for a couple of nights this past year! It has been such a fun and exciting year for her trying new things, going fun places, and just living life.
We LOVE you so much Kyndall and can't wait to enjoy you being 4!!
Last year seems like yesterday.....Kyndall turning 3!

Here she is turning 2....

1st Birthday Girl!
New born Princess
I will be posting some pictures of her birthday party she is having tomorrow!!!

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