Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Six Year Anniversary

So have I told you what great friends I have? I know you read about them from time to time on here with our fun outings...but I don't think I brag about them enough. They are the kind of friends who ask you if they can watch your kids so you can go out for your anniversary while your kids are having a super fun time with their best friends!! Kyndall and Avery went to their friend's house to have their first ever Pajama Party!! (just til 8:30 pm...not an over-nighter yet!) They just LOVE their friends Kate and Sara Paige, and had a BLAST playing in their PJ's with them and watching the Princess and the Frog! So while they played with them...check out the pic of them in their PJ's and slippers....we went to eat at Texas de Brazil in Addison...
Jim is posing with our appetizer spread...salads, cheeses, meats, lobster bisque soup (our favorite), vegetables, and cheesy rolls!!! After you help yourself to as much of this as you want...

Time for some delicious meat!! The Steak was my favorite...Top Sirloin to be exact!! Just lay this baby on the table and watch the meat come your way!! LOVE Texas De Brazil!!!

So....I thought the goucho guys were so festive I decided to sneak a pic of one (by setting my phone on the table and aiming in his direction) in their famous pants cutting off the meat, and he totally saw me taking the pic of him!! He said that my flash gave me away!!!
So he came over and posed with Jim!! Jim was thrilled with me, let me tell you:) Just kidding, Jim is a great sport!!
And I ended my meal with my favorite drink!! Cafe Latte...YUM!Happy 6th Anniversary to my wonderful, amazing husband. What fun it has been falling in love, getting married, buying a house, getting a dog, having 2 adorable children, and still enjoying each other! I can't wait to see what the next 6 years bring us!! Maybe a trip back to Hawaii...wink wink!!!
Sorry folks, I have been bad at posting blogs lately...our Anniversary was June 3, but too important not to share with everyone...so I posted it a little late:)

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Jenny Garland said...

Yay for 6 years :) We'll watch your cuties anytime! PJ party tradition, here we come!