Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer sun = Swimming fun

Between Uncle Marc's fun backyard pool and our Gym's pool, we have been having some fun in the sun lately!! Here are a few pictures I have snapped of the girls enjoying swimming! Last year (don't judge) I was a little nervous taking a 1 year old and 3 year old to the pool by myself, so I only took them twice...but this year they are little fish!!
Kyndall loves her Uncle Bill and Allison!!

So I joined Lifetime Fitness in Oct. which has been great! Kyndall does ballet there and I usually work out a couple of times a week...the girls LOVE the gym play area (kid care center). During the summer they open their outdoor pool and it is so fun! My friend Intaly and I work out together and then take our sweet girls to swim in the evening (usually) when it isn't quite so hot! This is a pic of the pool! Pretty nice! You can see Kyndall sitting down with Intaly and her little friend Kiley waiting to get out and swim (of course the first day we got there, it was the 15 minute break they make the kids take from swimming).
Kyndall's favorite thing to do is go along the edge and play
and this is Avery's favorite thing to do
We swim until twilight, then head home!
Time to go!

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