Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mommy, Can I chase Mae with my new car?

Grandpa Kelly gave Kyndall a princess "Power Quad" for Christmas...and Kyndall LOVES it! Last night I told her that she couldn't ride it anymore until tomorrow it was bedtime. So the next morning she woke up and ate breakfast then said, "Mommy, can I get my car and chase Mae?" So of course I said, "Sure Kyndall". She had so much fun (I think Mae did too) and she cracks me up when she zooms around on it! She rides it around the house, and I took her outside today and she had so much fun. It took her a couple of days of practice to figure out how to turn and stop and go when she wants to, but now she is a little pro. Here are a couple of pics of her having some fun...and a video at the end!
Practicing her driving skills inside first....
Kyndall racing her cousin Alex later that day!

Woo Hoo freedom to ride like the wind....we had to chase her 3 houses down!

Kyndall was having so much fun on the open road...I mean open sidewalk!!

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