Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas with the Kellys 2008

We had a great time at our annual Kelly Christmas get together....lots of food, games and great presents. Kyndall and Avery LOVED their many gifts and Jim and I LOVED ours too!! Enjoy some fun pics from our great time!
Avery with her sweet cousins...Jack and Dani
Grandpa sitting on Santa Kyndall's lap:) She was having so much fun asking everyone what they wanted for cute!

Uncle Paul sitting on Santa Kyndall's lap

Avery was so happy to be with her Daddy!

Kyndall opening one of the presents her cousins gave her..Alex, Kyndall, Jack and Dani (Joe couldn't come til after work and I didn't get a pic of him...sorry ya!)

Uncle Bill, Uncle Marc, and Grandpa....and sweet Dani:)

Uncle Paul and Aunt Sue drinkin' a little wine

Avery and Uncle Paul....she is holding the new bunny he gave her for Christmas!

Avery enjoying playing on her new "ride"...Dani pushed her all over the room ...she loves it...and all her other new toys!!


Laura-Marie said...

I love your hair! Did you cut it? Avery looks like her daddy!

Allison said...

I tag you...


1. Go to the place where you store all of your pictures on your computer and open up the 4th folder.
2. Open the 4th picture
3. Post the picture and give an explanation
4. Tag 4 people

December 23, 2008 11:28 PM