Sunday, January 4, 2009

Avery's Room

You may already know, but my good friend Kate had been teaching me how to sew for about a year now, and I have really enjoyed it a lot. She helped me make custom bedding, window treatments, and big fun pillows for Kyndall's room, and now I am making Avery some custom bedding and window treatments. This is her new window....and her bedding is coming soon...You may not be able to tell...but her theme is pink cheetah ( it is just the accent in the curtain). It is a minky fabric which is super duper soft and perfect for a sassy sweet little baby like Avery:) Sorry there aren't pics of the girls in this post...they will be coming soon!


Buckeyes 76 said...

Very cute!! Now you can teach me how to sew:) I got a sewing machine and have no idea how to use it! Where do you buy your fabrics at?

The Baranowski Family said...

Very cute Kristi! I always hated it when my grandma would try to teach me to sew. Now I wish I had paid attention!