Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Lubbock

What a wonderful Christmas we all had this year! Kyndall really understood Santa and was so cute opening presents and setting out cookies and milk for Santa. We got some great presents and had a wonderful time visiting family. We wish we could go there more often, and can't wait to visit again! Avery liked opening presents and playing with hers, Kyndalls and the boxes and wrapping they came in! Here are some pics from our trip to Lubbock and Amarillo!
On the road to Lubbock and Amarillo to Celebrate Christmas with Kristi's side of the family! Kyndall had her cool Dora shades on, and the coloring toy Uncle Bill got her for Christmas!
Christmas Eve at Grammie's in Amarillo was so fun! Kyndall and Avery got lots of great gifts...including this huge polar bear!!

Avery got a little sleepy, but would only sleep on complaints here!!

The girls got a Jack-in-the-box (along with many many other fun toys) from Grammie and Popo...they love it!

Bits, Gram, Uncle Rick, Kristen, Popo, Grammie, Kyndall, Kristi, Avery and Jim

Christmas Eve night...Kyndall was sleeping with the new baby Uncle Jerry, Aunt Gay, Todd and Sophie gave her! It was so cute I had to take a pic:)

Cute pic of the girls before all the presents were opened!

Playing with the new "kitchen" Santa brought!

Kyndall was carrying her present!

Avery helped me open my gift....did I mention she cound drink out of sippy cups now? Don't worry, the starbucks cup was empty...well it had a gift card in it:)

The girls having some fun with Bits and Gram

Giving Bits a hug before heading home

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