Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun with Friends

Zoey and Blayse came over to play with the girls for a few hours the other day...Kyndall and Avery had so much fun. It was really interesting to hear the girls play and talk to each other:
Kyndall: Look at my Christmas tree
Zoey: oh...yea
Kyndall: And those my presents
Zoey: uh huh
Kyndall: but I no open till after christmas time
Then later....
Zoey (holding a snoopy bobble head): This is my lollipop Kyndall
Kyndall: no it a noopy toy
Zoey: nope see its my lollipop (as she pretends to suck on it)
Kyndall: It no lollipop noopy toy
Zoey: no, its my lollipop(followed by a mischievous smile)
Zoey is a little more into the pretending stage(naming her dolls and pretending toys are lollipops) and Kyndall was very literal with her...and it drove her crazy when Zoey would make these announcements that toys were other things. The really funny part about that is that when Kyndall is playing with me she will pretend some toys are other things(like a book is pizza). I guess she just wants to be the one designating what you can pretend certain toys to be:) I was really impressed at how well they played together and shared things....I guess my sweet little toddler is now becoming a full-fledged kiddo.
Kyndall and Zoey!
Avery playing with Blayse

Just a pic of the girls being sweet sisters...notice the barrier of coffee table and end table blocking Avery from trying to go up the stairs and all over the house.

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