Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kyndall Sick and Avery's Fat Lip

This week was a little rough on the girls. Kyndall got sick on Tuesday and could not keep anything down...even water. It was so sad. She just laid on the couch and I had her shows on for her all day. At about 5 that same day she threw up for the last time and after that was running all around the house, and could eat and drink and was pretty much back to her old self. Then next day she was fine. Then on Thursday we went to Kim Peichel's studio to get some pics of the girls and of our burpcloth/wipes cases gift sets. Avery got brave and started crawling around...tried to pull up to a cabinet and lost her grip and just hit her little lip on the cabinet. Here are some pics of the girls this week...
Poor little baby
She was so tired, she didn't even look at me when I took the pic:

So pitiful

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