Friday, October 31, 2008

Forth Worth Zoo

Tuesday we took the girls to the Fort Worth Zoo with Grampa Kelly. We had a great time! Kyndall's favorite part was riding the train (but she really loved it all). Her least favorite parts were going into the "caves" and dark buildings to look at some of the animals(gorillas,apes,reptiles,fish,penguins). Avery seemed to be the most fascinated by fish, however she made a Gorilla come over to her and look at her! It was amazing, the gorilla was ignoring everyone and when we wheeled Avery up in the stroller it just ambled over to her and kind of sideways glanced at her until more people came over. Then it got up and went on its way! It was neat to see the Gorilla become curious and check Avery out! Enjoy the album I have attached...just click on the pic below to see our fun day!

Ft. Worth Zoo 2008

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