Thursday, October 9, 2008

8 months and on the go....

Avery turned 8 months old on the 5th, and she is just so much fun. She has 2 bottom teeth, eats rice cereal, baby veggies and fruits, and now really enjoys cheerios and baby puff stars. She has been crawling for awhile now, and is pulling up to her knees using furniture, walls, toys, whatever she can get her hands on. She is pretty quick too...if I walk across the room she is right next to me in seconds. She is a HUGE Mommy's girl right now. She says "ma-ma"...and I thought at first it was just her making the sounds, but everytime she did it I would pay attention to her, or pick her up and now she will come over to me and say it...which is very exciting especially since Kyndall said "da-da" first! She is officially not happy with strangers or new people holding her. She screams and reaches for me. She gets happy and waves her hands in the air when her Daddy gets home from cute! Here are some pics of her on the go around the house.

Following Kyndall (who was actually trying to hide from her:)

Up the stairs?

Our baracade now!

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