Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ben's Birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese's

Our best friends John and Jodi Jeffords had a birthday party for Ben this weekend. He turned 5, and we had a great time celebrating with him at Chuck-E-Cheese's. Kyndall is at the age where she enjoyed playing the games, eating the pizza and cupcakes, and doing the birthday march and dance. Avery just watched everyone with her big brown eyes!
Happy Birthday Ben! He turned the big "5"
Avery was having fun with Daddy

and Mommy

Kyndall doing the birthday march!

...she was clapping her cute little hands:)

Kyndall eating pizza with her best friend Emily(Ben's sis)

Ben blowing out his candles with Chuck-E

Loved the cupcakes! This is her icing face:)

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