Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pick Your Plum!!

My friend, Janette, asked me if I wanted to do a crafty Challenge this past week, and how could I resist?  She has introduced me to this website called:  Pick Your Plum  ( you can also check out their FB page or they are also on Pinterest.  It is SOOOOO much fun. Every day they have a different fun deal.  Sometimes it is craft supplies for cheap, sometimes it is jewelry, personalized stamps, ribbon, or even scarves/headbands.  The list is endless of the fun they have to offer.  Only, you have to register or you might miss out on the deal!  They send an email as soon as they post the "deal of the day" and only have a limited quantity.  I want to buy stuff almost everyday!!!

So, back to the challenge...Janette sent me a board to do anything I want with.   I had the perfect thing in during nap time I grabbed my paint and brush and went to town:

You see, I have been wanting to make a bow holder for my girls.  They have TONS of bows and they are all over this is CRAZY.  So I got my inspiration from these little Daddy's girls:

And grabbed my new Sillhouette Cameo machine and went to town.  I got some sassy houndstooth scrapbooking paper and cut out a fun shape, then took some hot pink Vinyl and cut out the word Diva and a bunch of polka dots.  Then I mod podged the scrapbook shape onto the block and added the vinyl after it all dried.  Finally, I took some hot pink tulle and stapled it on the top 2 corners of the piece and tied it in a bow at the top to hang, and stapled 3 strands of tulle on the bottom to attach bows.....and viola:

Now, you may think that there are not that many bows, and you are right...later that day I found about 15 more around the house....It has been so nice having all of them together and a super sassy way to keep them that way!  The girls LOVE it.  They think it is so fun to get their own bows and put them away.  I am linking up with The Johanson Journey "Show us your Plum" challenge with Janette and Ashley.  I am now going to go to Pick your Plum's website and see what their deal is for should too!!!

Go check out what the other Show us your Plum crafters did!!!

Manic Mother


Johanson Family said...

Great job Kristi!!! It turned out great!! I'm thinking I need to find a cute holder now for rubberbands-- Reese pulls them out of her hair all over the house!!

Liberty said...

Great idea and your project turned out fabulous!! I love the way you used the tulle. Tulle just reminds me of all things girly. :)

Amy said...

Wow.... a board?? The possibilities are endless and you chose such a great idea!!

I may need to go invest in a board! :) We just put all of our bows in a plastic bin! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Impulsive Addict said...

That is soooo cute!!! Very creative!

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

That is super cute, and a great idea to make something super useful :)