Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day Catch-Up

Wow, I really start catching up on this blog, then before I know it, time has past and I haven't even done my Christmas update and it is January!!    Here is a run down of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities:
Grammie, Popo, Bits, Gram, Jim, the girls and I all went to Christmas Eve Service at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church:
 The girls got to go to the front of the church to hear a Christmas story being read.  It was about the birth of Christ according to a camel.  It was cute, and the kids all looked so cute listening to the Children's minister reading it.  On the big screens they put the pictures up so all the kids could see:
 It was a HUGE group of kids:
Then, on Christmas Morning, Santa left Kyndall and Avery each an American Girl Doll closet (well the Target brand closet), and Kyndall had given Avery a Target brand 18 inch doll to go with her closet.  Kyndall already has an AG doll that she got for her 5th birthday.
 Emery got a Teddy bear that plays Peek-a-boo with her.  She LOVES it.  It will raise its arms up and say, "peek-a-boo, where are you?"  and "Hello Cutie-Pie" and then when the round of Peek-a-boo is over it will say, "again, again, let's do it again"

Emery also got a playmat which Avery loves to play with her on!  She got it early, but it was a Christmas gift!!
They got A LOT of great presents, and love every one of them....but I am posting this during a lucky time where Avery and Emery are napping so I am limiting the pics so I can sneak in a shower and get some other things done before they wake up and need me!!!

I also had to give a double thumbs up to the Silhouette Cameo machine I got this year.  It is used for cutting shapes and words out of scrapbook paper, vinyl etc...  It is SO MUCH FUN!!!

I cut a mustache out of vinyl and stuck it to a coffee cup to make it funny and fun...

And....I am already thinking about Valentine's is my idea, not 100% sure if we will do this or not...but on the Cameo, you can "print and cut" meaning I printed the hearts on cardstock and then sent it through my cameo to cut around it in the shape of dice (I got the design off of and just downloaded on my software and voila!!  Fold this beauty together, add a little glue and what a cute valentine.  You can open the top flap and I will put a single rolo inside with a note that says, "I like the way you roll, Happy Valentine's Day!"

Anyway, back to Christmas.....We celebrated Christmas Day with my parents and Grand parents....I am so blessed to have them here now.  Mom and Dad are still trying to sell their house in Lubbock, so if you could send up a prayer that they sell it quickly we would be so thankful!  Grammie and Popo already live here so we get to see them a lot more often than before! 

Here we all are after present opening and Turkey eating:
 What an amazing 2011.  A lot has happened with our little family:
1.  My family is moving here
2.  We had Emery (who is 2 months old and already has celebrated her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year...whew!
3.  Kyndall started Kindergarten
4. Avery started Preschool
5.  We got a new car so we could fit everyone in!
6.  We went to Disney World with the big girls (Emery was there, but I was preggo with her)
A lot of other interesting things have happened, and our year has definitely been a fun and exciting one....we are ready for 2012 and so happy to see what it has in store for us!!!

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