Sunday, February 12, 2012

Avery is 4!

Wow, what a whirlwind!!  I can't believe that Avery is actually 4 years old!  It happened so day she was my tiny baby and now she is a confident, funny, smart, and beautiful 4 year old!  She LOVES her sisters so much, and she is a Mommy's girl:)  She has a best friend named Sara Paige and I have never seen 2 girls as close as they are.  She wanted a monkey birthday party so we got some fabulous printables from Dimple Prints (click to link up and see all they have to offer) and had a party for her friends at Pump it up and a family party at home.  I didn't get everyone who attended both parties in the pics, but Avery enjoyed everyone and we are so thankful for those who could come celebrate with us!!!

Here is the Pump it up party with our sweet hostess Lauren:

Here are the youngest guests at the party!

The Dimple Prints set up:

The whole crew:


Avery and her bestie Sara Paige

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday girl:

The family party set up:

We all got our party hats on to celebrate our favorite 4 year old!!!

She had a great birthday and loves being 4!!!  


Johanson Family said...

So sad to have missed it!! I need to get with you to give her birthday gift. Ryan asks every day who the present is for and when can we open it. She looks so cute and love the pictures!! Really sad I'm not in them. :(

Jenny Garland said...

Happy birthday, sweet, sweet Avery!! :)