Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guess who is 5!!!

I can hardly believe it, it doesn't seem possible.  But 5 years ago on June 18th 2006, which was; Father's Day (Jim's first official one to be exact), The last day of the US Open (we watch golf), and the 6th playoff game between Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks (Heat won that year, Mavs ruled this year!!  Woo Hoo...I digress), and my sweet, precious, little baby Kyndall Ann Kelly was born!! 
 She is my precious angel.  Loving, Caring, Creative, Honest, Silly, Tenderhearted, and Beautiful!!!  She astonishes me everyday with the way she looks at the world around her.  Kyndall is the BEST big sister in the world.  This year, she wanted a "Build-a-Bear" party with her friends, so we had 10  of her sweet little friends come and build some bears to celebrate her birthday:

 This was the crazy dance they all had fun doing:)
Then we had the family and a few friends, The Johansons, come over to celebrate low-key at home.  Janette Johanson and I have been BFF's since College and they have recently moved to McKinney just down from us!!!  Their daughter Reese has the same birthday as Kyndall, so we went to their party in the morning and had them over to Kyndall's in the afternoon!!

Grandpa, Daddy and Kyndall listening to her new Ipod!!
Bits and Gram gave her a big girl Barbie bicycle!!

Grammie, Gram, Kyndall and I went to the American Girl Doll Store and Grammie got her an American girl doll, then we ate at the Bistro!!
Finally, a pic of me with my sweet 5 year old and her brand new American Girl Doll.  What a wonderful birthday to celebrate a wonderful princess!!  We love you, Kyndall, with all our hearts and are enjoying every second of watching you grow up to be a beautiful young lady inside and out!!! 


Melinda said...

I love you- I love sweet K (and A of course!)- we are so blessed. SO SAD we missed it but will make up for it! Gorgeous family sista!xxoo

Johanson Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Kyndall! MUCH LOVE from us and so excited we get to share the special day with you and Reese being 4 years apart!! Really doesn't get much cooler than that!

Allison said...

Loved spending time with you and the rest of the fam for Kyndall's birthday - baking cakes was so fun!!