Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun With Grandpa!

The girls and Jim went to visit Grandpa (Jim's Dad) on Saturday while I was hosting a shower for my good friend Jenny.

First, both girls gave Mae a little love before they left!!!
Then, they went to this awesome park and played:
Finally, they fed the ducks with Grandpa! 
I had to show this pic of Avery...she has been asking for a pony tail lately and so I try to slick her little hair back in one.  She LOVES her little ponies!!  She says it is like Kyndall....cute!
Grandpa always gives the girls super fun treasures and sent them home with 2 eggs that you soak in water and they "hatch" into little chicks.  They have been in the water for 2 days now and the girls LOVE checking the progress of their "real pet chicks".  He also gave them some funny glasses to wear!  All in all it was a super fun day!

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Johanson Family said...

Doesn't get much better than that!! Proud of Jim for taking pictures while he was out too... super cute!