Saturday, February 19, 2011

Donuts with Daddy

Get ready for Cute Overload!!!  Kyndall's preschool had Donuts with Daddy Thursday morning.  So Jim took Kyndall to Preschool and got to stay for Donuts and entertainment:)

Here they are on their way:

All the kids Sang a little love song to their Daddies....too cute:)  Notice Jett next to Kyndall, she talks about him ALL THE TIME!!!

They made their Daddies these little Alien things that said they were Out of This World:
Then they made this sweet little is the cover:
 It says:  My Hero.....My Dad
And inside there were a bunch of fun questions they asked the kiddos about their dads!  check out how Kyndall answered hers!!
  My Daddy is:  4 years old.
My Daddy is:  4 feet tall
  She drew a picture of him. 
His favorite sport is basketball. 
His favorite TV show is Basketball. 
 His favorite food is Cookies
His favorite color is:  blue, pink, purple

Where does your Dad work?  In an office
What does he do at work?  Works on computer and eats his lunch
When I grow up I want to be:  A fashion Designer (Remember this post?)
What do you like to do with your dad?  Play Hide and Go Seek
If your dad was a superhero who would he be?  Superman
What superhero would you like to be?  Supergirl
My dad is my hero because:  He is never mean

Pretty sweet and cute!!  If don't already know, she is a MAJOR Daddy's girl.  So this was one of her best days ever!!!  It was his too....he was talking about how much fun it was and how cute the things Kyndall made him were:)

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Johanson Family said...

AWWW!!! Such adorable moments!!I can't wait for us to get to experience things like that!! She's so darn cute!!!!