Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 Kate and Sara Paige came over again for a fun playdate!!  The Barbie Jeep was the highlight I think.  I forgot to grab the helmets.  But the girls were going on "slow" speed and were buckled up!

 Kyndall drove first (not pictured) and only went a little way to show Kate how, then said, "I'm going to let Kate drive since she doesn't get to at home"  Pretty sweet:)  Kate was an awesome driver too:) 
Then the little girls decided it was there turn and chased Kate down!!  Luckily Kate is pretty sweet and great at sharing...
 Soon...Avery and SP were joining in the fun!  SP tried to drive but couldn't quite get the pedal/steering wheel coordination and was happy to control the radio while Avery drove them around the yard!

Yay Spring!!  We are loving playing outside with friends!!!

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Johanson Family said...

Aw, I love the Barbie jeep!! I hope Reese will want one some day! We got Ryan a small little 4 wheeler, a Lightening MCQueen car, and maybe 2 other motorized vehicles and he won't ride any of them! I'm glad your girls are takind advantage of such a fun toy!