Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Lubbock/Amarillo Christmas in Pictures

Well, this was taken in Angel Fire, NM in October, but it was our Christmas Card pic...Thought I would start the post with this one:)First we went to Lubbock....and on Christmas Eve, Grammie and Popo came. They brought the girls some gifts and Jim and I decided to give them one early...Avery thinks she sees something!

She does! It was a Barbie Jeep for both girls to share!! Grammie and Popo gave them safety helmets...and....

Their very own cameras!!!
Both girls riding together:
A little relaxing bike ride for Bits and Kyndall
Christmas Morning sitting by Santa's gifts
Don't fall in Kyndall!
Go-go my walkin' pups for the girls!!!
I think they were happy!

Avery opened the pillow pet Kyndall gave her and was super excited!
We got Avery a 10 piece cleaning trolley with real working vaccum...yes we did!
They got A LOT more loot like e-readers (kid versions), baby dolls, puzzles, playdough, clay, cute and super soft blankies, and I know I am forgetting ALOT...be they loved them all and are enjoying them everyday!
Here is Kyndall on a stroll with her Pup!
Then they went Pecan pickin'
And had some Gram snuggle time!
Then we went to Grammie and Popo's house in Amarillo:
Here is a rare pic of just Jim and I....I love him:)
The whole gang....except Uncle Jerry and Aunt Gay ( Uncle Jerry was feeling sick) and Todd, Sophie, and her boyfriend Trevor...they left early and didn't get in the pics!
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Popo, Uncle Rick, Bits, Kyndall, Me, and Jim, Grammie, Aunt Kristen, Gram, Avery
We had an amazing Christmas with our families this year! We hope everyone else did as well!!!

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Snuzi said...

Your Christmas family picture is beautiful! Love it! And I did not know there was such a thing as a "10 piece cleaning trolley with a real working vacuum"!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! James must have this!