Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little Fashionista

 I acquired a super sassy dressform awhile back to use when sewing different projects.  Kyndall LOVES her....I mean LOVES her (we named her Helga).   

So when Kyndall went to buy Avery's Pillow pet Christmas present she saw this at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It is a Jewelry organizer dressform in a fancy dress.  It is $20.00.  We were sure once she got it she would be disappointed.
So while shopping at Toys R Us we found this beauty...They were on sale for 50% off at the time so we may have paid $6 tops (Jim swears it was just 5).  And we thought, well, if she doesn't like it we only wasted a few dollars....little did we know....
She would LOVE her, name her (Lisa) and dress her all...the...time!  I mean the girl can design some outfits.  There is a slit in the back where you shove in the ends of the fabric (which are rectangles) and you make them look like they are wearing dresses, shirts and skirts, belts.etc....And lucky for her I have a STASH of fabric scraps that work perfectly!!
She even made her a little bed out of the container we store her in!
Every outfit was designed and put on entirely by!  Who would have thought this would be the MOST played with Christmas gift she got and that it was so pre-school friendly.  All her friends love Lisa too:)

And here is Avery and her bestie Sara Paige smiling at each other!!  The pic is really blurry, but super sweet:)
Kyndall is definitely on the creative side....and it shows when she plays with this!  Project Runway here she comes!!!

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PottersCrib said...

Wow that is so impressive I think you do have a little budding fashion designer on your hands!