Friday, December 10, 2010

Spirit Day in December: Crazy Hair day:)

Every month at preschool, Kyndall has a "spirit day" where she wears her Kid Care t-shirt and then there is a "theme" September was crazy hat day, October obviously was wear your costume, November was Pajama day, and this month was.....
Crazy Hair Day!!!
Kyndall was SO excited for crazy hair day, until it arrived. All of a sudden that morning she said, "I don't want crazy hair Mommy". I told her that she would be missing out and that all the kids would have crazy hair, was she sure??? So she said, "Welllllll how about 1 ponytail". Okay, so I put a pony on the very TOP of her head per her request. Then, she and I found all her fun hair ties and just kept putting them in!! She loved it....and she fit right in at school....there are some pretty creative Mommies out there...I have good ideas for next year:)
Of course, lil' miss Avery did not want to miss out on the fun!
She showed Kyndall's teacher, who raved over her crazy hair!! Too fun

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