Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus Party

Preschool is out for the Christmas Holidays! Wahoo! And to kick it off, they had parents come to Chapel with their kids and a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party! It was so fun! Here is Kyndall and her class in front of the tree! Too cute:)Close up!

Daddy and Avery at Chapel...Avery was mesmorized...and may I add that my husband is super handsome!!
Kyndall was showing us the movements to the songs...sweet huh! This is baby Jesus
Again, my super handsome husband posing with the girls before he had to go back to work...let the party begin!
First, was the craft....a candy cane picture frame...and the room mom read them a story about the meaning of candy canes...Kyndall really got a lot out of it. She draws them and talks about how they are shaped like a J for Jesus and look like a shepherd's staff too!
Then was the book exchange...Kyndall got a cute book called, "I love you because you are you"
Finally the goods!! Cupcakes please:) They even let Avery have one!
The End!


Snuzi said...

Awww! I love her pretty little dress!

Melinda said...

Gorgeous girls, sweet Mommy and a cupcake face! LOVE IT and LOVE YOU!

Johanson Family said...

Yum!! Cupcakes! :)
Kyndall's dress is adorable!! I love the Daddy & Daughter shots, but where's the Mommy and kiddos?
Merry Christmas my dear friend!