Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kelly Pre-Christmas Bash

We had so much fun as usual with the Kellys' celebrating Christmas a little early!
The girls liked all the presents being brought in!I got a snuggie, YAY!

The girls got princess dress up, pretty pretty princess game and princess scooter, aquadoodle, a Dr. kit, Barbie Camper, and Barbie dolls!!
I love this pic of their cousins with Grandpa:
Back to front: Joe, Dani, Grandpa, Alex and Jack
We wanted a pic of ALL the kids....Avery REFUSED....
So I asked her if she would take a pic if I sat on the couch next to her...notice my knees in the right side of the pic! You could say Avery is a little strong-willed....oh well, we got the picture and my kid isn't a pushover (that will be a good quality in the business world right??)!!!

What a fun Merry pre-christmas we had!!

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Johanson Family said...

So fun!!! Beautiful tree!! Looks like Santa's early celebration went great!!