Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread Houses and mini playdate

My friend, Mariah, is a party host extraodinaire. I mean it, every detail is covered. Not only covered but done in a beautiful and creative way. Needless to say, we LOVE her parties! This year, she had a Gingerbread house decorating party and it was amazing as usual. I was sick, so my friend Jenny took Kyndall with her daughter Kate (Kyndall's best friend). Sara Paige (Avery's best friend and Jenny's other daughter) came to our house for a mini playdate.
How cute is her set up:
Hard at work with Mrs. Jenny and Kate decorating:
All done!
Kyndall with her sweet friends Kate and Aubrey(Mariah's daughter)
And here is trouble 1 and trouble 2 all dressed up and pushing their babies!
Kids love Jim....Jenny calls him the baby whisperer:
For more pics of the party check out Mariah's blog

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Johanson Family said...

Super cute Kristi!! I am excited that I have a girl and can do girly things soon!! Cute post and sorry to hear you were sick!!