Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scare on the Square

We always love a good visit from Bits and Gram AKA my parents! Jim and I had a meeting this year during Scare on the Square, which is a Halloween activity that they have every year on the Historic McKinney Square. Kids dress up and go from shop to shop and Trick or Treat. My parents took the girls this year since we couldn't!! They all had a blast:)

Kyndall decided to be a cowgirl for this event ( notice this is the 2nd costume she has worn this year....wonder what she'll want to be on the actual day of Halloween:) Grammie got her the cutest pearl snap shirt and cowgirl skirt with REAL cowgirl boots and we added a cute little dress up cowgirl hat!!! Oh, and her trusty horse was a party favor from my friend Mariah's twins 2nd birthday party!!

Avery has had this Pooh costume for a while and just decided on a whim this would be her costume for this event!!

This shot cracked me up!

Taking a break to check out her loot curbside....

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Snuzi said...

The girls look adorable! And I love to see your parents. They look just the same!