Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh No!! Awwww!! How Sweet!!

Oh No!
Avery got a hold of the scissors one night and decided to whack her hair off....She is paying tribute to Pat Benatar and Joan Jet with this asymmetrical hair do. Don't worry, the scissors are all stored on top of the refrigerator now!!

It is official! Avery's crib has been taken down and she is officially sleeping in her big girl (toddler) bed! Yay Avery, you are becoming such a sweet big girl!! This is a pic of Kyndall and Avery helping Jim tear down the crib!!
How Sweet!
By accident, I found out Kyndall has learned the sweetest little prayer song at preschool. I am so happy I chose Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church's preschool program for her.

Life is definitely full of interesting happenings these days at the Kelly household....and we are loving every minute of them!!!

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Johanson Family said...

omigosh, i cannot believe she got a hold of sissors and did that!!! I think I did that to my hair when I was little... I also recall cutting my eyelashes, so even small sissors need to be hidden!! Gotta love having girls :) so cute!!