Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dress Up Day at Preschool

Can you tell how happy Kyndall was to get to wear her costume to Preschool today??? She just HAD TO HAVE a purple tutu from Walmart with matching fairy wings for her Halloween costume (this was back in Sept) so I bought them. Last night, before bed, I started getting them out for her to wear to school and she said, "No Mommy, I want to be Minnie Mouse". Sue, my sister in law had given this little outfit to Kyndall when she was Avery's age (2 1/2) and she still adores it. She twirled around and danced and couldn't be happier in this costume....(it almost made me want to wear one too). Of course Avery had to put her fancy tutu on as well! She was a Pirate Princess as she helped me drop Kyndall off this morning. So I had to get a pic of them both:)

Hope your day was as fancy as ours!!

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