Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Avery!!!

Jim and I have been talking about putting Avery in her "big girl bed" for a couple of weeks now. I asked him to pull the bed out so we could let her get familiar with it (I am having a hard time letting this little one grow up). She saw it immediately when we came to her room to get her ready for bed. She said, "I sleep that one, Mommy". I got all excited and said "Okay Ave, sounds good, what a big girl you are! You have to stay in bed though and go Night-Night". Avery, "Otay Mommy". So she explored her new bed filled with her favorite stuffies, pillow, and blanket:
Then Kyndall joined in on the fun!
So Kyndall and I read her a little book before bed. She laid down nicely, pretty pumped about sleeping in the bed. I went straight downstairs and checked the moniter to hear her saying, "Mommy, Daddy...." but not completely crying. When Jim went upstairs with Kyndall's beloved bedtime doll, he caught Avery tip-toeing down the hall toward the stairs!! So he took her back in and laid down with her a bit. He came back downstairs about 5 minutes later we hear the door open and shut, little feet scamper, a knock knock, then a quiet whispered, "Sister" (knock, knock) "Sister"...then I went up the stairs so she wouldn't wake up Kyndall!!!
And this is where she ended up sleeping!! I KNEW she wasn't quite ready sweet little baby:)
Oh Avery!!