Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Family that Builds Together Stays Together

We had a great morning at Lowe's this morning. They have a Kid's Build and Grow on most Saturday mornings for FREE...that's right FREE!! It is super fun. Usually Jim takes Kyndall but I thought it would be fun to include Avery...and she did great too! They get a little Lowe's apron (the first time they come that you can keep and bring back each time they build) and patches to sew on for each project they finish. Kyndall has 6 patches now and wants me to sew them on as soon as she gets home. Avery could care less about the apron or patches, but had a blast making the project and carrying it around the store. Pretty smart of Lowe's if you ask me...we walked around and dropped a few dollars there afterwards!! Click HERE to sign your kid up for next week!!!
Who is ready to start building a schoolhouse???
She is such a hard worker!! I loved watching her and Jim do this together...

Mommy helping Avery
Avery LOVED hammering it herself..."my myself" she would say!!
This was our project:
You go girl!! She did a super job huh!!!
She is pretty proud!
Too cute huh! Yay girls, you did great!!
Cool little carts huh!! This is them being patient while Jim and I get the usual project necessities before we took them to lunch and went home!
On a side note, Avery and Ryan (my good friend Janette's son) really had fun at Chick-fil-a after eating and playing together:)

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