Monday, April 26, 2010

What do little girls do when their Mommy's are drooling over fabric? They have a Fashion Show with it!!!

Jenny came over with her 2 sweet girls last week and we had a little playdate. Jenny had just gotten some fun new fabric for a project she is working on and as we were going through all of it (our own little playdate) the girls came over and started enjoying the new fabric too!! I love my girls and our friends...every playdate is fun and I learn so much about how their little minds think, what great imaginations and ideas they glad for a camera so you all can enjoy their sweet moments too!!
I have no words for this cuteness!!!
Sara Paige joined in too...but as I was taking her pic, she totally pulled her "bow" out....look at that laugh!!!

How about those sassy poses!

Mommy's have to join in too!! Kyndall and Kate took this pic:)


Jenny Garland said...

Love it!! Such sweet, beautiful girls.

Melinda said...

CUTE-CUTE-TA-BOOT! Love our kids and their Moms!! GREAT spending some time with you today. On the way home, Mason says- I really think Avery is a cute baby! Love it!!