Thursday, February 11, 2010

Avery turned two-two!!

Avery Ellen Kelly was born 2 years ago on February 5, 2008! I can't believe it has been 2 years! She has quite the personality. She loves to cuddle with Mommy, play baby dolls with her sister, cook in the kitchen, play hide-n-seek with Daddy, run around, watch Dora (although she calls it Diego), eat mac-n-cheese and PIZZA!! She loves crafts and was so excited to get a cute little lap desk with her name on it and some art supplies to play with from Uncle Marc, Aunt Sue, Joe, Dani, Alex, and Jack! She LOVES Mae, all her family, and wants to know at all times where "sister" is! For her 2nd birthday we decided to have a low-key tu tu family birthday party (since she was turning 2...get it two-two!!) and it was so fun. My parents came from Lubbock, Grammie and Popo came from Amarillo, Grandpa came from Highland Village, Uncle Bill came from Dallas, and Uncle Marc and Aunt Sue, Dani, Alex, and Jack came from down the street (pretty much). We had pizza and cake at her party and she got some really fun gifts:) She and Kyndall just make my days full of fun and craziness!! Avery also had another milestone...she got her first haircut!! Jim and I are convinced that a little more sassyness came with it! Happy Birthday Avery Ellen, we love you baby girl!!!
Our sweet little 2nd blessing!
Avery's First Birthday..

My precious 2 year old!!

Grammie brought Avery some happy birthday good

Yummy Birthday cookies!

Grammie got the girls some CUTE matching outfits..
Ave's tag junior she got from Bits and Gram....too fun!
Kyndall got Avery a play mixer! Avery LOVED it!
First official haircut (not counting when I trimmed her bangs) she did great! This was right before her party!

Kyndall wore her tu tu to Ave's party!
The birthday "tu-tu" and shirt that said, tu tu cute. I like how the skirt turned out, but it was more of a can-can dress than a tu tu dress!

Her birthday cake:
Opening a guitar from Grandpa!
Cuddling with Grammie and Popo

Post party relaxing with their Bits!
The fingerpaints Uncle Bill gave her were a hit!!

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