Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow much fun!!

Kyndall LOVES the snow. She only wears dresses now-a-days because she feels like a "princess" in them, but she pulled on the old jeans for some playtime in the snow the other day. Most of you know there was a crazy turn of events for Big D on Feb. 11th we received about 10" of snow...woo hoo did it look pretty:) Kyndall loved playing in it with her Daddy and Mae, but Avery and I stayed in the nice warm house and cuddled:) Enjoy the few pics Jim got of the day!
Whoa! Can't see guys, little help here please!!

Making a little snowball here..

She even posed up in her fort!

Mae liked the snow too:)
And not to be left is a pic of Avery (who is NOT a fan of cold snow thank you very much) fingerpainting with Uncle Bill's Birthday gift to her....

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