Sunday, January 31, 2010

Uncle Paul Came to visit

Uncle Paul came to visit!! We always love when he comes, and this time he brought his sweetie. I loved her...she was friendly, cute, funny and best of all, made Paul smile big:) Uncle Bill and Grandpa came over too and we all had fun playing guitar hero, me asking poor Olga (Paul's sweetie) a million questions, and watching the girls try to outdo each other for the center of attention...all-in-all a very entertaining get together:) Enjoy the few pics I took!
Be still my heart, look how much the girls love their Grandpa...both ran over to him and jumped in his lap...totally a kodak moment (taken with my un-kodak camera).
Just a cute pic of lil' Ave

Action shot of the girls dancing with daddy while Uncle Paul and Uncle Bill were playing the Beatles Guitar Hero songs...everytime Avery hears music she runs to Jim and says, "Dance, dance"...then she reaches for her sis's hand and says, "sister dance"...too cute!

What a cute bunch huh!! We were about to leave for dinner and I HAD to snap a pic of the girls with Uncle Paul...but they were wanting Daddy (as usual) so we got a great group shot!! To the left is Olga(2 thumbs up), Uncle Paul, Kyndall, Jim, crying Avery, Uncle Bill, and Grandpa!

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