Friday, January 22, 2010

Late Christmas Post!!

So my family might seem a little small compared to Jim's, but we have the best time together!! We went to Lubbock (where my parents live) for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, then we all went to Grammie and Popo's house to see Uncle Rick and Aunt Kristen, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Gay, our Cousin Todd and his sweet daughter Sophie, and my Dad's mom, Grammy, came too:) The girls were spoiled as usual with lots of gifts and lots of people playing with them. I am posting some pics of that whole weekend of fun! Kyndall had so much fun that she started crying when we were packing to leave on Sunday, and we ended up letting her stay another couple of days with her Gram and Bits. I love Christmas...especially now that I can see the magic and fun of it through my girls' eyes. I was really excited that Kyndall kept saying it was Jesus' Birthday. Gotta remember the true meaning behind it all!!
Oh, and by the way, if you don't know my husband very well let me just tell you how amazing he is at gift giving!! He let me turn OUR office into MY sewing room for Christmas...refinishing the desk, painting the walls, putting together cabinets for storing all my supplies and fabrics!! I LOVE IT (pictures to come when all is completely said and done)!! And all I got him was the Beatles Rock Band for our wii and a barnes and nobles gift certificate....oh well, maybe I'll get creative next year!!
It snowed really hard the night before Christmas Eve, so Jim and I bundled the girls up to go play in the snow!!

Avery didn't even want to take this pic...she was NOT happy with the snow!

Kyndall LOVED playing out in the snow!! It was up to her knees!!

Kyndall and Jim's snowman

Now THIS is a real snowcone!!

Good Morning Beautiful!! Santa left Kyndall and Avery's presents (Pet Care Center for Kyndall and Baby Care Center for Avery) wrapped up on Christmas morning...this is Kyndall before opening them. They had notes on them telling the girls to share their presents with each other....and Kyndall still quotes Santa saying she and Avery have to share their presents.
Pretty Princesses!!
Kyndall playing with her new Pet Care Center
Avery playing with her new baby care center
Avery chilling out with Popo
Grammie got me a new flowering tea pot for Christmas (since mine broke) and Kyndall decided she wanted to have a tea party. So she got Grammie and her new doll Grammie gave her and they drank some yummy tea!
Bits and Gram (my mom and dad) joined the tea party too:)
Gram with her girls
Grammy Garth and me!!
Sophie and Kyndall bonding over some ballet!!
Sophie bought the girls a playdough icecream maker. She played with them for hours!! Kyndall loves her so much, she still talks about Sophie and makes pictures for her:)
Avery and Jim enjoying Sunday lunch before our LONG drive home!

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Snuzi said...

Looks like you all had a really wonderful Christmas! Your sweet mom looks as beautiful as ever!