Saturday, August 8, 2009

Magic Nuudles

This is my first product review to do on the girls' blog...I just had to rave about this craft/play activity!! Go to and print off your handy 40% off coupon and run to your nearest store (if they don't have a coupon, don't worry, the whole box is only $4.99) to buy these babies: What a great activity for preschoolers, or even school age children!! They are super easy to use, all different colors, and biodegradable....what a great way to provide your little one with open-ended creative fun! You can stick these things on walls, windows, tables or just to each other. They wash off with water and are a relatively clean activity!

You can make almost anything out of them. You can even become a beautiful princess like Kyndall!!

And if you need a little help...just call your Gram and she can play too! I just thought I would share a fun and cheap activity to fill up those lulls you have in your day from time to time! We still have about 75% of the nuudles left and Kyndall has played with them a few times already....Definitely worth the purchase!

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