Monday, August 31, 2009

Anything you can do, I can do better.....

I can do Anything better than you!! Oh how that old song holds true to sisters and daughters. It has been a week of hilarious examples of how Avery tries to do what Kyndall does, and how Kyndall tries to do what I do!!
The other day I was finishing a napmat for my friend and making some chef hats and aprons for my craft show. Kyndall kept running in and out of my sewing room getting fabric to make Daddy and Mae some nap mats....then she decided to make an apron too!!
Also, she has decided that she enjoys her nightgowns so much she made some for Mae and Daddy from my scrap fabrics!!
Finally, Avery was yelling, "Potty" and running to the bathroom then to me...back and forth. So I followed her to the potty, pulled off her diaper and shorts and set her up on the toilet. She just sat there and Jim ran and got the camera and we took a shot of her!! Everyone pray she decides to get potty trained earlier than her sister (who was just shy of 3 when she finally relented)!
Remember these aprons and Chef hats I'm making for my craft show?...(sorry about the blurriness of the photo)

Kyndall went upstairs while I was sewing them and came down with her very own version!! How creative is this!!! It is a little baby blanket held on her with a headband!!!

Kyndall decided to make a nightgown for Mae...

And we can't leave Daddy out....notice the fabric around his neck...
I can potty too, Kyndall!! (Or at least ask to go potty and scream when we try to take her off! Which we only did because I thought she was going to fall in! Next time we will get the Dora seat that fits on top and let her stay as long as she wants to!!)

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