Monday, August 25, 2008

WARING: This post may contain material not suited for those who have weak tummies:)

It's Potty Training Time!
So I have been really lazy about potty training. I didn't have the girls on a very strict schedule because it just seemed easier to make it through the day that way. Well, Kyndall is 2 years old and almost 2 months so it is time to start trying. The girls have a pretty set nap and feeding schedule so today is the day to begin the training. Any advice in the comments section would be greatly appreciated:) We did have a success already! At 10:00 this morning Kyndall (who has been drinking lots and pantless) went BM in the potty! It was so great. It was a near miss (she was standing and barely made it in the pot!) But she did...and what did she want as a see her Pa-pa (grampa kelly). So we are probably going to be making a trip his way soon. She even refused candy as a treat for being such a big girl...her response was, "Kyndall want to see Pa-pa". I am hoping this is the start of something great!! Half the diapers!!!

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Angela said...

A sticker chart worked for us. M&Ms or Skittles worked for a while until she figured out she could hold it, pee 5 minutes later and get another piece of candy!

Good luck!