Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bath Time!

It was Avery's first bath with Kyndall. She had so much fun. She really likes to play with the boat in the water, and just watch Kyndall. She has been sitting up really well for a couple of weeks now, so we decided she was ready (with her Daddy right there to make sure she didn't fall over). Kyndall was so excited...and they had a blast. I tried to post some pics that don't show too much:) Anyway, life is great in the Kelly household...hope you all are doing well too!


Cole and Christy said...

What cuties! Go to my blog I have tagged you!

The Flesher Family said...

very fun!! I keep forgetting that you have a blog. I am glad you left a comment on mine...now I have found yours again. I will have to add it to the blogs that I read. Your girls are so cute. Girl we really need to get together soon. I am sad we missed out this Summer...man that went by too fast.