Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home-made wagon

Mom's are fun...sure...we play dolls, kiss boo-boos and give great hugs and kisses. We clean up messes, make sure our kids get fed healthy meals, push them on swings, and just keep them safe and happy. But Daddys (at least Kyndall and Avery's Daddy) just have that special touch. The extra creative ways to entertain, the funniest jokes, the dirtiest activities, and the best games to play! I have captured some of these great moments that Jim has provided for the girls. The first picture is of Jim playing "airplane" with both girls. After Kyndall dragged every toy and fun looking item into the living room to play with, Jim sat down with her and Avery and they started pretending to fly in and airplane. Jim would rock from side to side and front to back as they flew "high in the sky". The other photos are of the "homemade wagon" Jim fixed up with a laundry basket (that Kyndall decided to empty) and 2 of his belts fastened together. He started pulling Kyndall around and she wanted Avery to ride I got the camera and both girls got a fun ride. Soon, Kyndall got tired of riding and put her puppy in with Avery and began pulling her all around the was sooooo funny. I feel so blessed to have married such a caring, playful, and loving man ....
Jim and the girls flying in an airplane!
He should be "Father of the Year"! Daddy pulling the girls along in their "wagon"

My girls...riding in the wagon

Kyndall is pulling Avery and "puppy" along....around the dining table.

Riding along with "puppy"

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