Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Having Fun

I wish that I had taken my camera with me today...I met some of my friends and their children at Chuck-e-Cheese's for lunch. We let the little ones play and Kyndall had such a wonderful time. I bought 10 tokens for her and she spent 7 on the Carousel and 3 riding a play car with Chuck-E. She just loved pointing to Chuck-e's eyes, nose,mouth,ears and saying the different parts. She is growing up so fast, I can't believe the things she could do on her own there. She could climb up on most of the rides herself, and play on the slide and climbing area. When we left she blew kisses to all the people and said, "bye, bye" without being prompted. She is really becoming friendly too...she will talk to people she doesn't know very well as long as Jim and I are talking to them. Her new thing is to introduce us to strangers. If someone talks to her she will immediately point at Jim and say, "Daddy" and then point at me and say,"Mama". It is really cute. Then she will talk for a few seconds and then in the middle of a conversation will say,"bye, bye" to them. I guess she likes short and sweet need to jabber on too long!! Hope you enjoy these pics...I plan to add more soon.
Kyndall lined up all her bears on the stairs to play one day...and Daddy got this great pic of all of them together....
Little bow head...Kyndall brought me all of her bows that were in her basket and handed them to me and said,"peas". So I put them all in her this pic you can only see 3, but she had a whole head full!

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