Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day!!

We had such a fun Christmas with Kyndall this year. She still didn't quite get what was going on, but she thought it was pretty fun to play with all these new toys and have all of our company visit and play with her. She was really good at handing out the stockings and gifts to everyone, but she really wanted to open her presents and play immediately. So it was hard to peel her away from her new toy(s) to open more presents! She is growing up so fast, it was amazing to see her starting to act out what she is supposed to do with her gifts. She got a Rose Petal Cottage to play in and would use her oven mitts to bake her muffins in her little stove, she would put her baby "night, night" in the cradle, and she would go in and out of the little cottage like she was in her own little world! She also got a lot of baby accessories: stroller, baby swing, playmat, diaper bag, and pack'n'play for her dolls. We thought she might use these when Mommy is using those for her baby sister Avery, but she got right to work playing with them....she already knew what to do with cute! She also got some blocks and a vbaby video game, some really cute clothes and a set of musical instruments to play with(which she loves!) Thanks to all the family and friends who made our Christmas so special. We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives!!!
Picture with Gram and Gramps right before the Christmas Eve Service

Picture with Grammie and Popo Christmas Eve service

Our little family Christmas morning

Looking outside with her Gramps

Handing out everyone's presents and stockings to open

Helping her Daddy and Grampa put together her new baby accessories

Playing with her new musical instruments her Aunt Al and Uncle Bill got her...thanks guys:)

Kyndall was stirring her muffin mix so she could bake them...

Kyndall "baking muffins" in her new cottage

Kyndall peeking out of her Rose Petal Cottage

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