Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet sister love...

Today Kyndall and I went to Kim Peichel's photography studio to get some pics of Kyndall and Avery before Avery is born. Kyndall was in a good mood, but would have rather snooped around than sit still and toddler times. These are just a couple of cute ones that we got. We are waiting for the rest. I just thought Kyndall looked so sweet hugging and listening to her baby sister Avery!

Kyndall was in such a smiley mood! I thought this was so cute!

Kyndall is listening to Avery...What is she saying??

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allie0622 said...

You are so good with keeping up on your blogs!!!

I hope I am a good Mommy Blogger one day!!

Love yall bunches:)