Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm back! Hiatus ended:)

I've had trouble keeping up with my blog while chasing around my 3 amazing kiddos...took a break, now I'm back...short and sweet posts from now on:)
It's back to school time for Kyndall:
*2nd grade
* Ms. Ulmer
*got in the same class as her bestie Kate Garland and all her neighbors on our street that we love...Georgia and Paige!!

Avery is going to school:
* Mrs. Cross
* in same class as my sorority sister's daughter from Texas Tech (sweet new friends)

Emery is just growing and making us smile:). No school for her...I'm keeping her all to myself...except for bible study 2x a week:). Here are some recent pics of her:
*21 months old
* loves shoes, her sisters, donuts, and has sweet baby friends...she's a riot

Jim is working hard and I am gearing up for  both big girls going to elementary school...I'm ready, I think:)

Oh and if you didn't know, we got a pool...we love it, it made our summer awesome!!!
Did I mention the whole family loves it?  Even Mae dog!!

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