Monday, August 26, 2013

2nd Grade and Kindergarten here we go!!

Here we go!!  It was a fairly smooth morning (Ave did NOT want to wake up that early, and neither did Emery), and we left them at school both smiling!!  Avery had a nervous smile, and Kyndall had a "I'm sitting next to my best friend this is a piece of cake" smile!!  Emery is enjoying my full attention (minus this quick post) and the house is sooooo quiet!!


Snuzi said...

Oh my goodness! Your sweet girls are so grown up and beautiful!

Tae Nam said...
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Tae Nam said...

Hi Kristi,

My 14 month old daughter was just diagnosed with exotropia and I found your blog after searching online. I wanted to reach out and see how Kyndall is doing and if her exotropia is progressing as I read it does progress sometimes. Are you guys considering surgery and how often her eyes drift in a 24 hour period... so many questions from a worried mom.

She seems to be living a life un-impacted by this exotropia which is sooo reassuring to me right now.

Any feedback would mean so much to me right now... my email is

Your girls are beautiful!!!