Monday, October 7, 2013

In Kyndall news...and a bit of Avery and Emery too

Kyndall got her first progress report of actual grades!  I wasn't expecting real grades until 3rd grade...then this comes home for me to sign.....

Yay Kyndall!!!  She just loves school and loves learning!!!  I credit her love of learning to her amazing teachers that she HAS had and DOES have!!  Miss Carboni in Kindergarten, Mrs. Cummings in 1st and of course, Ms. Ulmer in 2nd!!  I'm posting this so we will always remember her very first grades were all A's!!!

She has joined Girl Scouts with a wonderful group of girls and their troop leaders are the best ever!!!!  Here was the special ceremony where they got their vests and were "baked" into brownies!!

I also want to document our Rainbow loom fad.  Bracelets made out of looping tiny rubberbands!!!  I'm addicted too..what can I say, any kind of craft sucks us Kelly girls in!!!

We took all three girls to McKinney's Oktoberfest!!!  So much fun:)
Life is good and we are savoring every moment with our 3 girls!!!

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