Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In a sewing mood

My friends Jenny and Kate went with me to the MODA warehouse last week for some fabric and sewing essentials. It is an AMAZING place to go! If you are really into sewing and fun sewing tools you will LOVE this place. The only stipulation for going there is you have to have a business tax ID number to get in, and a minimum purchase requirement (oh yea and no kids allowed so you need to find a sweet friend to take care of you little ones!). That is why we all went together to make it more affordable. The only other thing about them is you have to buy in bulk...meaning I bought 10+ yards of each fabric (3 of them) . So when I got home I had the itch to sew some fun things. I sewed a cute ruffle apron for Kyndall and a romper for Avery. Believe me, I have TONS of fabric still left for me to go crazy with! You may ask me what my girls do when I get the itch to sew. So glad you asked...I took a couple of pictures of them "helping" me out!! Most of the time I sew at night, but every once in awhile we like to create together!!!
While I am pinning, cutting, ruffling, and sewing I pulled out my scrap fabric bin for the girls to have some fun....here is what Avery did first thing!
Then Kyndall came over to dig in and of course was patient with Avery and posed for me while I was laughing hysterically and taking pics of them!
So Kyndall picked some coordinating fabrics and started designing a pillow for Sara Paige...(one of our friends)

Ta Da!!!
My happy little model in her new romper!
and the back
Can't forget my other sweetie!!


Melinda said...

The romper may the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! Got a pettern for the twins like a jon jon???

Kristi Kelly said...

Thanks Melinda!! I'll be on the lookout for one for you!! I'll let you know:)