Thursday, December 10, 2009

Slam Dancing?

On Tuesday night at around 6:00 pm, Kyndall and Avery were having so much fun dancing together and being silly. Of course as all games do that kids play, it kind of escalated to a little rougher than dancing. I pulled out my phone video camera and was taping the girls when Avery fell, then kind of propelled Kyndall which made her fall hard to the ground. She started crying and holding her neck, so I held her until Jim came home. As the night progressed (we thought she had strained her neck) she just got more uncomfortable and started complaining that she couldn't move her arm very well. So the next morning we took her straight to the Dr. who sent her straight to the hospital for x-rays. Turns out, sweet Kyndall broke her little collar bone and has to have a sling for 2-3 weeks. Thank goodness no surgery, adjusting, or rehabilitation...just a sling. Well, if you know me very well you can just guess what happened to that sling when she got home! We had to sass it up for my sweet, sad little girl....Here are a couple of pics of Kyndall after the accident. If you have a brave heart and stomach, I have also posted the infamous video of her breaking her collar bone at the at your own risk!!
This is Kyndall's explanation: "I was dancing with Avery, and I falled down and broke myself"
This is Kyndall in her sling the Dr. gave her...sweet girl was all smiles after we gave her pain meds and she got to spend the day alone with her Daddy going to the Dr., Walgreens, and the hospital for x-rays....Avery snuck in this pic!!
So I couldn't just leave "well enough" alone and I made her a new sling with super soft minky fabric on the inside and her name in pink as she requested on the outside.... Warning: Contents in video below maybe too hard to watch for some of at your own risk!! (It really isn't too bad....only bad because you know that when she fell she broke her collar looks like a normal, child falling when playing).

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Snuzi said...

Ok...for some reason I just figured out that you have a blog and I love it! But this post...OUCH! Poor baby! I love the fancy sling though!