Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, make us so happy...and scared???

Jim took this Friday off to spend some time with the family, and we took full advantage of it! We took the girls to see Santa! Happy times for Kyndall, not so much for Avery:) We got to the line and Kyndall was all ready to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. This was our conversation the whole way to Santa: Kyndall- Mom, what do I want for Christmas? Me-A Barbie Pet Care Center. over, and over, and over. I promise she did ask for that thing everytime she saw a picture or tv ad for it!! So we get in line and she is all excited until we get to the front. Then she starts backing up and not wanting to see him!! So he couldn't have been better about it. He said, "Hi pretty girls, come give me a high five!" Well, that won Kyndall over and she sat right in his lap. She told him what she wanted and he said he would try his best. Then it was time for the we set Ave on his lap and all screams broke loose!! It was click, click the camera as fast as you can and get her off!! As the girls were getting off his lap, Kyndall turned around and said, "Oh Santa, you got to come to my Bits and Gram's house to bring my present"( I'm sure he was wondering just what a Bits and Gram are...) smart of her to think of that huh!!! He said he would, and handed the girls some coloring books. He handed Avery hers and said, "You get one too, sweet girl, Santa loves you". How sweet was that??? Notice the sassy boots Kyndall is wearing...those are her absolute FAVORITE shoes to wear...she wears them with everything and to go everywhere...she put those on and said, "Santa will WUV (love) my boots, he will think I am so cute!!" You know it sister!! We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and we can't wait to celebrate Christ's birthday with our family!!
Now here is a pic of when we tortured Kyndall at around the same age (about 4 months younger than Avery), poor Kyndall didn't have a big sis with her for support!! How about 2 girls that look just alike...even their crying expressions looked the same!!

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